My office closet has been a long neglected space. It was time for some much needed organization, as I tended to just cram stuff in there, shut the door and pretend that it wasn't a cavern of random things that I needed to get to almost daily - then had to dig when I did.

After searching for shelving ideas on Pincessed, I came across leather strap shelves. I thought they looked great, but knew that I had to work in color - plus, after sourcing leather straps, I knew this project could get PRICEY - which no one wants! I ended up using colorful cotton webbing - often used for purse straps and belts. It made for a nice alternative and is still very durable - plus it allowed me to get playful with color! I then went to HoDee and purchased 1x12 boards and had them cut them down into 22 inch segments for me - I love the combination of unfinished wood with pops of color, so I didn't stain them. I also used screw caps to hide the screws and provide a more polished look.

For the center of the closet, I had previously placed a "work" table in there - I say this in quotes, because it basically became a catch all table and I couldn't really work on it. I sourced a table top from the Mothership - $6! This is also a great use of space since I now have the entire area underneath for canvas storage and a little stool.

All in all, this project cost just under $70. Want to steal this look for your closet? Continue for a full list of materials and costs, plus the step-by-step how to!



P R O J E C T  C O S T  A N D  M A T E R I A L S


Shelving $32.33 (two 6 ft 1x12's)
Cotton Webbing $29.22 (5 yards each color)  
Tabletop $5.99 (on sale)
Screw Caps $2
Tape Measure
Anchors & Screws

T O T A L $69.54


H O W  T O 

Cut cotton webbing to even strips (5 yards of each color yielded 4 equal strips, allowing for two shelves - and 2 equal strips for the desk), fold each in half and nail holes through the ends and into the wall starting with the top right side, then insert shelf and let hang flat against the wall. place a small level on shelf and wrap the other strap around the left side, adjusting until the shelf is level, nail that strap into wall.

Adjust shelf within straps against wall so that it is parallel to the ground then start your next straps allowing for a small margin between bottom of shelf and the top of the next set of straps. Use a large level to make sure all straps are lined up vertically. Repeat with the remaining shelves. 

Once you have them all done and hanging with nails, remove them all and drill holes for your anchors. You will need to remove the nails and replace them with screws. I had to screw through the straps first to get it going, then screwed them into the anchors on the wall.

For the desk, use the same process except use two screws on each side for durability. Once everything is up, snap on the screw caps for the finishing touch and get organized!