Having just designed a new line of geometric blankets, I wanted a cute way to display them for my product shots. I scoured the web for blanket ladders and immediately fell IN LOVE with this copper ladder, so I set out to DIY one (sorry, LittleDearEtsy)... but copper is friggin’ expensive - plus, it would patina over time and I knew I wasn’t about to keep up a proper cleaning schedule to keep that from happening - know your limits, right? So, plan B became PVC!

Having just used Krylon metallic silver to make a super bowl trophy, I knew the product held up to its claim of actually looking metallic, so I figured the copper would be the same, and it didn’t disappoint! I can’t believe how realistic this ladder looks... I even had some spray paint left to finish off a plastic planter - how divine!

All in all, this project cost just under $20 (basically saving me $80). Want to steal this look for your home? Continue scrolling for a full list of materials and costs, plus the step-by-step how to!


C O S T  A N D  M A T E R I A L S

(2) 3/4’’ x 10’ pvc pipe 8.72
Krylon Foil Metalic Copper 5.95
(set of 10) PVC Tees 4.50
tape measure
pvc cutter (optional)

T O T A L $19.17


H O W  T O 

This one is pretty easy, folks: buy some pipe, cut the pipe, put together, spray paint - but I'll help out a little... First, if your local HoDee won't cut the pipe for you, you'll be stuck buying a pipe cutter which can run you $30 or so. The measurements are (8) 12'' sides, (4) 18'' rungs and (2) 24'' legs. You can do any measurements you would like, just play around with the proportion you want! I chose NOT to use endcaps, as I liked the "unfinished" look. 

What do you think - did I NAIL it? Check out more DIY projects on my pinterest page!